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About the President of H & M Remodeling Contractors

Throughout my life, I have built many things. In Peru, I went to a high school where I spent half the school day working in a workshop, learning how to make complex tools like air compressors and table saws. I also learned how to read blue prints there. In college I studied to be an industrial production mechanic, which designs and builds tools to do certain tasks. After college, I started my own business where I built desks and filing cabinets for schools, stretchers, IV poles, medical procedure carts, and office chairs for hospitals, dentist chairs and medicine cabinets for dentist offices and pharmacies respectively. In 1995, I started working as a carpenter in a well-known US cruise line. In 2000, the Peruvian economy was worsening, and I decided to move to this country. I worked for a general contracting company for a year before I found a stable job as a carpenter and building maintenance person in Silver Spring and Takoma Park. In 2006 I was invited to work for a new small general contracting company until 2020, where I decided to start my own.

Our Mission

Is to achieve our customer’s desired comfort and satisfaction by constant communication and breadth of experience.

Our Values

  • Honesty. We inform the you of the process and of any circumstances that come up.
  • Punctuality. We respect your time as well as the project schedule we came up with.
  • Efficiency. We do our best to finish our work on time and waste as little material as possible.
  • Reliable. We apply all of our experience to make sure the project is the best it can be.
  • Hard-working. We come to work every day and put in our best effort in everything we do.

Our Vision

Is to establish a close relationship with our clients so we can grow together as a community.